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Wagyu Beef Carpaccio Plate

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Carpaccio is a dish of meat or fish, thinly sliced or pounded thin, and served raw, usually as an appetizer. It was invented in 1950 by Giuseppe Cipriani from Harry's Bar in Venice and popularized during the second half of the twentieth century.

You either love beef carpaccio or you have not tried it. But it is not the easiest thing to make. Moreover, most restaurants use extremely cheap beef to make carpaccio.

This is a carpaccio where you need to garnish very little and let the beef shine. It is that delicious and literally melts in your mouth.  The A5 Miyazaki-Gyu and Olive Wagyu Carpaccios are probably the most premium carpaccio in the world.


Order Size: 1 plate

Equipment Required: None

Plating: Not required. Finger food, can be passed around on a tray or disposable.

Recommended Addons: 



 Priced per order, will arrive prepped and ready to finish at the destination. Labor and serving-ware not included.  Plated meals require 1 Server per 10 Guests and Station/Buffets require 1 Server per 30 guests. Get The Cook service personnel are required for all receptions and hospital functions.