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Strolling Characters

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Prepare for a truly immersive experience as our enchanting characters add a touch of magic...

Imagine the delight of your guests as they interact with our captivating candy girl, the mirror man reflecting a world of wonder, or the graceful presence of a butterfly. Let the playful bubble ball bring joy to young and old alike, while the futuristic LED Robot mesmerizes with its cutting-edge allure. Immerse yourself in the artistic stillness of our living statue, or bask in the shimmering brilliance of disco balls and lamps that adorn the venue. Indulge in the sweet treat of lollipop champagne serving, or be transported to a bygone era with the timeless charisma of Charlie Chaplin and the glamorous flappers & gangsters. For an interactive and visually stunning experience, our walking table and dancing props will captivate and engage your guests, leaving a lasting impression. These characters will effortlessly engage with your guests, creating a vibrant ambiance filled with laughter, joy, and entertainment. Their presence will not only provide fantastic photo opportunities but also lend a hand in pouring champagne, ensuring a seamless and elegant experience.

This is a tailored experience, and our team would contact to fine tune the details.

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