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A good server is important for any experience. At Get The Cook we have spent years developing relationships to build a database of servers that we can call for our events.

We offer 3 types of Servers for a 6 hours shift:

  • Assistant: This is a server with some experience, they can help and pass appetizers and work a station. These training have received training, will dress and look the part but they are not "career servers".
  •  Casual: This is the quality of server you will find at your typical restaurant, they are professionals in the service industry. 
  • Fine Dining: This is a server with a lot of experience, someone who has a career in the service industry. They know what they are doing and can lead a team. This is akin to a server at a very fine dining establishment.

 Subject to availability. Peak season and holiday rates apply. The industry usually doubles prices during peak season. So if you are looking for any major holiday, expect to pay twice the rate.