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Prime Rib Tomahawk | USDA Prime

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This is a very large item and requires expert cooking which is why it commands such a high price. We do accept orders for this product as a drop-off, we will cook it to a medium rare and you can finish in the oven.

The Prime Rib primal cut is where we find the most tender, flavorful and desirable steaks in a steer/cow. In layman's words, the Prime Rib is where the flavor is at. The Prime Rib is the undisputed KING of large cuts of beef. 

This Prime Rib has the long bone where the tomahawk steak comes from. It is the most Primal and impressive piece of meat you can ever eat. This is a beautiful steak, very marbled and full of flavor.

Prime Rib is consumed heavily around holidays, but its an extremely versatile cut of beef and can be cooked in many different ways.  More importantly, Prime Rib is the most eye-catching, mouth-watering piece of beef you can serve a guest. 

The Prime Rib is basically the "whole" rib eye muscle, which is a muscle that doesn't get much exercise, so it yields some of the tenderest meat. It can develop excellent marbling. 

One of the reasons Prime Rib is such a popular holiday dish is that it has generous servings. This piece will serve 10-15 people and often more.


Our Prime Rib is sourced from the best farms in the MidWest of the US andhas been aged for 30+ Days to improve tenderness and flavor


During any catered event this is a SHOWSTOPPER. Most people have never seen such a big roast in their life and this is not something you are going to find at most butchers.

We will bring the whole piece, pre-marinated, pre-cooked, and finish on location.


We are happy to make it a "drop off", it will be delivered to you on a large metal pan, cooked to an internal temperature of 130 for you to finish in the oven or grill, carve and serve!