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Grapes filled with Goat & Sheep Cheese and Pistachio

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This is one delicious canape that will truly turn heads. The sweet and delicious flavor of a grape, complemented by Marinated Goat Cheese and a hint of Pistachio.

Grapes filled with Goat & Sheep Cheese and Pistachio 


Red seedless grapes
Soft goat & sheep cheese
Chopped pistachios


This is a Gluten-free recipe
This is a Low-sodium recipe
This is a Clean-eating recipe
This is a Vegetarian recipe


30 stuffed grapes.


Priced per order, will arrive prepped and ready to finish at the destination. Labor and serving-ware not included.  Plated meals require 1 Server per 10 Guests and Station/Buffets require 1 Server per 30 guests. Get The Cook service personnel are required for all receptions and hospital functions.