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Cook / Grill Master

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Give your private party or event an upscale atmosphere by hiring one of our expert Grill Masters to grill some of our amazing meats.

Our Grill Master's are finely trained in the art of the grill. Each one of our guys has hundreds of hours of grill time and knows our product intimately.


Each grill master will grill for up to 25 people on his own. However, he will NOT serve. 

The Grill Master includes:

  • Grill Master - 6 Hours (properly uniformed)
  • Knives / Tools 
  • Cutting Board
  • Sides are available for purchase
  • Some appetizers available for purchase
  • We can also provide beer and wine. However, our Grill Master cannot serve it.


How far in advance should I schedule my grill master?

    You should schedule ASAP as bookings are based on availability. 

    Can you use my grill or do I have to rent one?

      We can use your grill as long as it's appropriate for the occasion and it is in working conditions. Our grill masters are familiar with most commercial grills (BGE, Pellet Grills, Weber, etc)

      If you need to rent a grill let our team know.

      My guest list is not set, up until when can I change the menu?

        We understand that things change and will work with you up to 24 hours before the event. We can make changes up until then.

        Should I tip my Grill Master? 

        Our Grill Masters are fairly compensated for their time. However, they do appreciate tips as they work hard for them.