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Truffle, Cheese & Fruit Board

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A board of mixed fruits, amazing international cheeses, and high-end charcuterie from Niman Ranch.

The board comes in three different sizes: Small, Medium, and Large.

What does the board usually include?

  • Dates: Sweet luxurious fruit common in North Africa. 
  • Dried Apricots: Delicious, organic dried apricots.
  • Camembert Cheese: Moist, soft, creamy, surface-ripened cow's milk cheese. 
  • Drunken Cheese: Ubriaco in Italian means 'drunk', so this really is 'drunk cheese'. Ubriaco cheese is traditionally made from cow's milk, which is aged for around 18 months, the last six months of which the cheese is soaked in barrels of local wine.
  • Black Olives Nicoise:  100 percent natural garnished black olive
  • Smoked Gouda Cheese: Aged for 20+ months, smoked to perfection
  • Dried Apple: Delicious organic dried apple.
  • Green Olives Cerignolo:  Plump, meaty green Italian olives
  • Parmiggiano Reggiano: Real parmesan cheese from  Provine of Reggio Emilia, Italy
  • Natural Prosciutto: We looked all over to find the best-tasting Prosciutto. We settled for Niman's. Their pork is raised humanely and sustainably, resulting in highly marbled legs that are coated in Sicilian Sea Salt to cure in the traditional old-world Italian style.
  • Genoa Salame: Our Genoa Salame is firm in texture, the zesty flavor from a mix of spices and organic wine
  • Capocollo:  Capocollo is a traditional Italian and Corsican pork cold cut (salume) made from the dry-cured muscle running from the neck to the fourth or fifth rib of the pork shoulder or neck. It is a whole-muscle salume, dry-cured, and typically sliced very thin.


Equipment Required: None

Plating: Finger food, can be passed around on a tray or disposable or placed in a wooden board.

Recommended Addons: Lox Bites


Priced per order, will arrive prepped and ready to finish at the destination. Labor and serving-ware not included.  Plated meals require 1 Server per 10 Guests and Station/Buffets require 1 Server per 30 guests. Get The Cook service personnel are required for all receptions and hospital functions.