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Bagel Sandwich

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Alright, let's get real. There is no better place on earth to be than between the two halves of a bagel. At the same time, let's have a serious discussion about bagels. They are NOT only for breakfast.

Our Chef has it easy when it comes to bagels. We only work with the best ingredients. Starting with awesome bagels we purchase our bagels from a boutique craft bakery that we love. Then we add in proteins we purchase from Meat N' Bone.

Bagels do not have to be served hot, but we do like when a griddle is available.


Bagels available:

  • Lox Bagel: Ora King Smoked salmon, capers, onions, cream cheese and tomatoes.
  • Roast Beef: Akaushi Wagyu Dry-Aged Roast Beef, bit of greens and a bit of dijon mustard.
  • Cream Cheese: Craft cream cheese.
  • Nutella: Do I really have to explain this one?


Recommended Order Size: 6

Equipment Required: Toaster / Griddle

Plating: Depends on the occasion. 

Recommended Addons: Fruits, juices, and a coffee bar.


Priced per order, will arrive prepped and ready to finish at the destination. Labor and serving-ware not included.  Plated meals require 1 Server per 10 Guests and Station/Buffets require 1 Server per 30 guests. Get The Cook service personnel are required for all receptions and hospital functions.