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Aubi Ramsa Ice Creams | 6 Pack

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Ice Cream for adults. Yep, that is what life is all about.

Our sister company Meat N' Bone partnered with another Miami Start Up Aubi Ramsa to spread alcohol and ice cream around the world. 

The product is prepared in Miami in a process that blends the alcohol into the ice cream in a way where the taste of alcohol is not lost. Each scoop has 4.9 percent alcohol by volume.

These would be individual portions.



  • Japanese Pearl Drop Sorbet | Champagne: This is a sorbet made with Veuve Clicquot, Soto Sake and Chambord. 
  • Kentucky Creme Brulee Ice Cream | Infused with Maker's Mark: A crème brûlée ice cream MADE WITH: MAKER’S MARK & caramelized sugar sprinkles.
  • Jack & Chocolate Ice Cream | Infused with Jack Daniels Single Malt: A rich Belgium chocolate ice cream made with Jack Daniel's Single Barrel & dulce de leche swirl.
  • Passion Fruit Margarita Sorbet | Infused with Tequila: A passion fruit sorbet MADE WITH: CASAMIGOS.
  • Chocolate Azteca Ice Cream | Infused with Mezcal: A delicious mexican chocolate ice cream made with Salvacion Original Mezcal and a sprinkle of cinnamon.
  • The Coco Loco Ice Cream | Infused with Tequila: A coconut ice cream with Don Julio Blanco tequila and coconut flakes.
  • Choco Hazelnut Martini Ice Cream | Infused with Gin: A delicious chocolate ice cream made with Hendrick's Gin and Frangelico liquor.
  • The Highland Truffle Ice Cream | Infused with Single Malt Scotch: A Belgian chocolate ice cream MACALLAN 12 YRS & a smooth touch of chocolate chunks.
  • Chocolate & Amaretto Ice Cream | Infused with Amaretto: A Dutch dark chocolate ice cream MADE WITH: AMARETTO DISARONNO & silvered almonds.
  • Agave & Dulce de Leche Ice Cream | Infused with Tequila: A dulce de leche ice cream MADE WITH: MILAGRO REPOSADO finished with a caramel swirl.
  • Lucky Brownie Ice Cream | Infused with Irish Cream Infused: an irish cream ice cream MADE WITH: CAROLANS IRISH CREAM & bits of organic brownie.


Order Size: 6x 3.z oz units

Equipment Required: Freezer

Plating: Not required. Self-contained.

Recommended Addons: Just enjoy and smile.